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D3 Fitness is introducing virtual personal training as part of our 2021 memberships. One of our goals for the new year is making the D3 experience more accessible and we have done just that. D3 Fitness can now come to you in the comfort of your home via laptop, desktop, or mobile. 

This is a perfect solution for individuals whose schedules are subject to frequent change or, like most of our virtual clients, have a workout space at home that they utilize who just need the occasional motivation that a personal trainer brings. 

how it works

Your virtual training journey starts with a health and fitness assessment, done virtually. This helps establish your workout routine and allows your coach to take note of any orthopedic issues you may have. After the analyses are complete, you and your coach will have an in depth focus session to discuss your fitness goals. Studies show that you are more likely to stay consistent at something if you have short and long term goals associated with it. Your coach will also take this time to explain how they plan on holding you accountable in order to help you achieve those goals. If you have more questions concerning virtual training, contact us for a free information session.

download our app

Enjoy the convenience of experiencing the coaching, accountability, and training of D3 Fitness from the comfort of your home or favorite park. The D3 app allows you to book classes and personal training sessions and maintain billing and account information. The app also contains personalized training courses for all fitness levels.

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