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Hello, my name is Raymond Moye aka THE Coach aka YOUR Coach of D3 Fitness. Often times people come to me as they look to transform their bodies. From all spectrums of toning, building mass, losing weight, sports performance, nutrition, etc.

Today's topic I'd like to speak on the segment of Fat Loss and how this can be achieved. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that everyone's process and journey will be different and this is to only be utilized as a guideline to help you shape your story and achieve the body you so deserve.

Hard work is one of the components, in addition to patience.

There are numerous factors that can influence fat loss (not necessarily weight loss, will cover this topic in blogs to come.) There are plenty of simply steps in making this true. Nutrition and Exercise are the most common. Here at D3 we also like to focus on Rest & Recovery and Stress Management (our 4 Pillars Blog will be updated soon)

I'm going to provide you some simple tips to help jumpstart your health and wellness journey as we combat fat. Let's call it THE Coach's FAT ATTACK Part 1!

1. Resistance Training (Strength Training) - this allows for us to build lean body mass aka muscle. The more muscle one tends to have tends to correlate with less visceral fat (visceral fat is a common fat that surrounds our organs and belly, NOT GOOD!)

Resistance Training (RT) with an Aerobic Training (AT) plan tends to produce greater results then either RT or AT performed individually.

Ex. of Resistance Training: Body weight exercises, resistance bands, utilizing gym equipment lifting weights (yes ladies this is for you too, lifting helps tone NOT MAKE YOU BULKY)

2. Consume more Protein - protein can help reduce appetite, especially when we consume higher qualities of protein: chicken (breast & thighs are common), fish (salmon & trout), protein shakes, etc. Other protein sources like eggs, legumes and dairy products are great as well.

I for one love to have some Greek Yogurt + Mixed Nuts + Strawberries.

Did you know at D3 Training we can help you calculate how much protein you should consume. As a start try to get at least 100g as a rough estimate

3. Get more quality sleep - here goes one of the pillars we teach at D3 Fitness (Rest & Recovery). For my athletes who come home in the off season, the first question I ask is how much sleep are we getting. This number will vary per individual, let's aim for at least 6-8 hours of quality rest.

Getting enough sleep helps in muscle recovery and hormone production. It's allows for our bodies to reset and fight off bad stress. When are bodies are continuously stressed with distress aka bad stress we tend to store excess fat.

A Tip on getting better sleep: turn off all electronics at least 30 minutes prior to bed

Please be sure to utilize these tips at your own pace and fashion, and more assistance or personalization feel free to contact us at www.d3forever.com, complete our form, and get signed up with our personal training and/or unlimited bootcamps where we go into greater details for achieving your goals.

As always we appreciate all feedback: ask questions, tell us about your journey, like, comment, share with friends and family to help them, and subscribe. All efforts are appreciated and helps us spread our message of Holistic Health! Until next time WolfPack Crew!

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