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Training the mind starts with training the body.


about d3 fitness

D3 fitness is committed to your personal and physical development. Together, we will train your body and mind to handle life's toughest tasks. Through specialized results centric training, licensed and committed coaches, and repetition, we will help you become the best you, both inside and outside the gym. 

get results

Burn up to 1,000 calories during our results based training.

group training personalized

45 minutes of improving your physique for all fitness levels.

holding you accountable

When we said we are committed to your development, we meant it. Whether you participate in group workouts or personal training, each coach will push you to become the best you.


Become part of something greater

Personalized Group Training

Burn up to 1,000 calories during this high intensity group training session. While this is a group session, the highest amount of concern goes into tailoring the workout for each individual athlete. Change your life in 60 days or less. 

1on1 Personal Training

Personal training is about much more than the type of shape your in. While we are sure to blast those abs, we will work on training your mental as well, ensuring that you are the best you, both inside and outside of the gym. Transform yourself into a BEAST.


download our app

Enjoy the convenience of experiencing the coaching, accountability, and training of D3 Fitness from the comfort of your home or favorite park. The D3 app allows you to book classes and personal training sessions and maintain billing and account information. The app also contains personalized training courses for all fitness levels.

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